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Lite Sprites Tree of Lite

The Tree of Lite is the center of Lite-Topia and where Lite Sprites go to meet up on the balcony or hang out in their Forest Pods. This multi-level forest hideaway comes alive with colorful light and includes interactive sounds, light-up staircase, working elevator and spinning, sparkling treetop.

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Now: 9.99 USD
Lite Sprites Wand, Prisma and Pod

Prisma and her Lite Sprites sisters live in Lite-Topia, an enchanted land that sparkles with color and light. An outgoing Sprite who loves all colorful light, Prisma leads the Sprite Sisterhood on their adventures. With the magical Lite Wand, you have the power to collect color from almost anywhere—a purple T-shirt, blue notebook, pink bedroom wall—and then share it to make all of Lite-Topia shine bright!

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Now: 4.99 USD



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