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CHiP SmartBall Replacement

CHiP's Favorite Toy

29.99 USD
CHiP SmartBall Replacement - Chocolate

Chocolate CHiP's Favorite Toy

This item is out of stock
CHiP SmartBand
CHiP SmartBand Replacement

SmartBand for CHiP robot.

29.99 USD
CHiP SmartBed
CHiP SmartBed Replacement

Auto-recharge station for CHiP

35.00 USD
CHiP Wheel Guard Replacements (x4)

Set of 4 wheel guards

9.00 USD
CHiP Wheel Guard Screws

Set of 8 wheel guard screws (replacement)

2.50 USD
CHiP Wheel Replacements (x4)

Set of 4 replacement wheels

16.00 USD
LUMI / REV Air Battery Charging Cable

USB charging cable for Lumi or REV Air drone battery

8.00 USD
LUMI Drone Guard Replacement

Safety guard replacement for Lumi drone

6.00 USD
LUMI Pod and Clip replacement

Replacement parts for Lumi drone

39.00 USD
LUMI Rechargeable Batteries (Set of 2)

Set of two extra batteries

Was: 30.00 USD
Now: 20.00 USD
LUMI replacement propellers (x4)

Set of four replacement blades plus screws

6.00 USD
MiP off-road tires

Give your MiP extra grip

16.00 USD
MiP recharge kit

Make your MiP rechargeable with this upgrade.
(US/Canada/Japan only)

29.99 USD
MiP Replacement Stand

Replacement Stand for the MiP robot.

8.00 USD
MiP Replacement Tray

Replacement Tray for the MiP and Coder MiP robots.

This item is out of stock
MiP ramp
MiP teeter ramp

Perform stunts with your MiP

26.99 USD
MiPosaur recharge kit

Make your MiPosaur rechargeable with this upgrade.
(US/Canada/Japan only)

29.99 USD
MiPosaur Tail Replacement

Replacement Tail

Was: 14.99 USD
Now: 12.99 USD
MiPosaur trackball
MiPosaur Trackball

MiPosaur's Favorite Toy

29.99 USD



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