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Meet MiP™, the gesture controlled robot with big personality!
Equipped with 7 different game modes and a free app, you'll be amazed at all MiP™ can do!
99.99 USD
Robosapien X

Robosapien X™ is an exciting update to WowWee’s award-winning robot.

14” tall and designed by a NASA scientist, RSX comes to life using the included remote, or via iOS or Android device.

79.99 USD
Mini Roboraptor

The original Roboraptor™ is now available in a collectible 7" mini version.

Mini Roboraptor is small in size, but "big" in fun!


14.99 USD
Mini Robosapien

The original Robosapien™ is now available in a collectible 7" mini version.

Fully detailed - looks just like the 14" original, but only half the size!

14.99 USD
MiP Replacement Stand

Replacement Stand for the MiP robot.

3.00 USD
MiP Replacement Tray

Replacement Tray for the MiP robot.

5.00 USD

NOOMIE is the ultra-interactive, happily addictive best friend that girls and kids everywhere will want for their very own!

49.99 USD
Roboraptor X

WowWee’s iconic robot dinosaur. Roboraptor™ X is 32" long, and has advanced intelligence, personality and motions! Control it with the included remote!

84.99 USD
WowWee RoboRemote

The WowWee® RoboRemote™ controls 6 WowWee® robots!

RoboMe™, Robosapien™, Roboraptor™, Roboquad™, Tri-Bot™ and Roborover™

19.99 USD

Tipster is a playful robot friend who loves to play with you, be silly, move around, spin, and most of all… tip! The toy enables kids to experiment with weights and balances, although the curriculum is not overt. 

49.99 USD
Tyrannosaurus Rex

The power of the Tyrannosaurus Rex, the most feared predator of all dinosaurs, is now in your hands!

Bring this mighty beast back to life with the remote control.

49.99 USD



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