Wholesale Account Application

You can sign-up for a Retail/Wholesale Account in 3 Easy Steps:

  1. Please sign up for an account by CLICKING HERE.  Please fill out ALL of your billing, shipping and account information accurately.

  2. Once you've setup your account, YOU MUST email us at wholesale@wowwee.com to request that your account be activated as a retailer in the system. Your account WILL NOT show wholesale pricing until you have completed this step.

  3. Please give us up to 48 hours to respond to your request.  Once you've received your welcome email, you may login to your account by CLICKING HERE and place your orders through the system.
***All inquiries should be directed to WHOLESALE@WOWWEE.COM***
-Once your account has been activated, please navigate to http://store.wowwee.com/case-pack-bulk-ordering/ in order to access the bulk pricing and available products
-Please make sure to choose FedEx as your shipment provider rather than USPS. In 99% of the cases when ordering in bulk, FedEx will be cheaper AND faster than USPS.
-Shipments are processed DAILY by 3:30PM EST, Monday-Friday.



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