CHiP SmartBed Replacement

CHiP SmartBed
CHiP on SmartBed
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CHiP's SmartBed is where CHiP goes to recoup his energy after playing hard.

This accessory is meant to be a replacement item only. Multiple SmartBed signals may compete for CHiP's attention, so we do not recommend using more than one and within range of eachother.  However, different SmartBeds may be used in remote locations - for example, two isolated rooms, different floors in your home, or split between your home and office.  

Power Supply cable required (not included)
If you are ordering this SmartBed as a replacement, you can re-use the power supply cable that shipped with your original CHiP robot.  However, if you are ordering this item to be used as an extra charging station, you will also neeed to order a power supply cable (1811US, 1811EU, or 1811AU version - depending on your location / input voltage). 

Getting Started?
This SmartBed replacement accessory includes a plug for A/B type power receptacles and can be paired with your CHiP by placing it on CHiP's back while CHiP is on and the SmartBed is plugged in.  For more information about CHiP's accessories and how to use them,watch the how-to videos, download CHiP's user manual, and read the FAQs at

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