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Coder MiP recharge kit

Replacement rechargeable battery for Coder MiP

29.99 USD
Coder MiP robot

Programmable robot plus accessories

99.00 USD
MiP Battery Compartment Screws (x3)

Set of 3 battery door screws (replacement)

2.50 USD
MiP off-road tires

Give your MiP extra grip

This item is out of stock
MiP Replacement Stand

Replacement Stand for the MiP robot.

8.00 USD
MiP Replacement Tray

Replacement Tray for the MiP and Coder MiP robots.

9.00 USD
MiP ramp
MiP teeter ramp

Perform stunts with your MiP

26.99 USD
MiP White battery compartment

Battery cartridge replacement for white MiP.

This item is out of stock



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